About / History

The Great Yarmouth Port Users’ Association was formed over 30 years ago – I understand that initially the main reasons were to establish a unanimous dialogue with the Great Yarmouth Port and Haven Commissioners, later the Great Yarmouth Port Authority (GYPA), in order to attempt, amongst other things, to ‘rationalise’ the Port’s charges. Over the years our association developed excellent communications with both GYPA and Great Yarmouth Borough Council, which resulted, in conjunction with the local Chamber of Commerce, in the forming of the Great Yarmouth Marketing Initiative (GYMI). This group achieved considerable success in promoting business activity mainly, but not exclusively, for the sub-region’s continued involvement with the Energy Industry.

It is of great interest that Eastport, the new company that now owns the Great Yarmouth Port, has acknowledged that the Energy Sector continues to be a priority, especially with the continuing and significant growth with offshore renewable activities.

It is firmly believed that Great Yarmouth can, and will, be in the position to maximise on future opportunities within the total energy sector. There are many organisations both new and old that have much to offer, and it is believed essential that these services, together with the river port and outer harbour, are offered in unison to the main industry players. Great Yarmouth and the sub-region has a 40+ years reputation of offering excellent combined and efficient services to the energy sector, and it is hoped that this can be continued for a further 40 + years and beyond. GYPUA certainly intends be a lead partner in achieving this.

We hold a maximum of 4 meetings per year with the AGM being held around June. We do attempt to have a guest speaker at each of our meetings on an issue that affects our members, at our meeting in November 2012 we had Lord Tony Berkley address us. We of course are always open for ideas about subjects you wish to cover – just let me know.

I look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting and please don't hesitate to encourage other businesses with an interest in the economy of our Port and Harbour to join us.

Mike Gouldby
Chairman GYPUA
January 2013